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We are C2Pack

Impassioned about innovation, we supply the product and the service. We are ready to support you every day from the laboratory to the store, to make the best answer to your expectations.

Packaging creators to make easy the manufacture, the storage, the transport and the goods sale, we place the confidence in the middle of our exchanges with our customers.

We are professionals like you.


Key dates

2005, C2Pack is entering the quality packaging
2008, C2Pack specializes in chocolates and macaroons
2015, Removal to 7 rue du 19 mars 1962, 21600 Longvic with a 5500 m² surface

Our approach

Innovate, create, support are our daily mainsprings. We make progress hand in hand with the ones who gave us their confidence.
Our products experience shines only if it is accompanied of our acute exchange sense, the well done work requirement and our customers’ satisfaction.
It is thanks to our customers’ needs observation, our environment and trends we can today put our expertise to your disposal.

« We know what is important for you, because it is the main thing for us. »

« The firm heart and soul are the creativity and the innovation »,
Robert Iger, Chairman of Walt Disney


We anticipate your needs


to come From your items conception to their sale in store, to their storage to their transport ; our teams have for watchword to always look forinnovating to save invaluable time.



You have your own identity


Made to measure conception of unique pieces by our research department following your needs, your requirements and desires. Our business team, with our creation team consultation, will know how to recommend to you and will help you to manage your project.


We are packaging creator


Our creations are original, they are the intern reflection result thanks to our customers’ partnership to supply them the best. Our standard products selection is becoming richer from season to season with new creations, bringing refinement and originality in your windows.

Service & Accompaniment

Your requests ? Our dedicated team


From the product choice for your next order, all the C2Pack team is at your disposal to perform one’s service mission. Any project ? Any idea ? We build together the most adapted solution. Contact directly our commercial office on :
+33 (0) 3 80 584 784.

Technical Rigor

We propose our expertise to you


A team of specialists, more than 10 years experience in packaging and a constant evolution of our manufacture technics are keys of our daily efficiency.


You take advantage of our selection


Raw materials rigorously selected allow us to have a vision on our whole product range to their marketing. Then it is possible to us to intervene at every moment to guarantee high quality products to our customers.