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Are you a chocolate maker ?

Help in the conception

There with you from the laboratory, our conception solutions are thought up for you to achieve easily qualitative and original products, reflecting your know-how and your work refinement.

Every year, we enjoy imagining for you new chocolate tins for Easter or Christmas time which can be present in our packaging range as well.

Storage and transport

We know how important it is to preserve your items and ensure optimal transport and storage. Then we can propose you some different kinds and sizes of cardboard packaging and otherpack.

Sale in store

Tubes with plinths, presentation cubes, small tubes with cover and alveoli for chocolates... We propose a complete packaging range, allowing to protect but also to present your chocolate creations as well as your sweets and confectionery.

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moule one shot tablettes.jpg
kit mendiant moule remplissage.jpg
emballage chocolat traditionnel.jpg
emballage chocolat one shot.jpg
Zoom-alveole rangees et indi.jpg
Alveole indi. chocolat-praline-1.jpg
gamme cubes et tubes avec couvercle.jpg
Tubo+socle chocolat 190-210et130-150 - SV.jpg